@WHSWarriors1801 Nigelh Redd Edtion

#SnapshotHoopSeries @PattersonBBall Marvin Price Edition @yeah_marvv
January 15, 2017
Highlights of @Hall_Pride OT Win Against #LakeClifton
January 15, 2017

Woodlawn Warriors Nigelh Redd places the “P” in power forward. Standing at 6-5 255 lbs, Redd is a force in the paint on the high school level. The junior forward has great hands and quick feet for a guy his size. Most of Redd’s damage is done around the basket on offense and defense. What’s really impressive is Redd’s small forward-like agility and athletic ability. Nigelh is crafty in the post but prefers to attack the basket when facing the hoop. Either way Nigelh is likely to finish inside or head to the free throw line. 

Here’s some snapshots of Nigelh putting in work in a 59-49 lost to Largo in the BCPS Academy mixer at Morgan St University. 

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